Monday, July 27, 2009

A blog by any other name

Hello, world! It is I, your humble blogger Mark. For those of you who have been redirected here from Blag Hag (where I got my start for Blogathon), thanks for stopping by.

I had a difficult time naming this blog. Much to my distress, I don't have anything in particular that I know enough about such that I could simply name it "Math Nerd Blog" or "Music Geek Blog"

Sad really.

So I asked my dear friend, The Blag Hag, for some help. Needless to say, she wasn't...but it made for some terrible hilarious conversation!

Jen: Make a pun out of Webster's Dictionary
Jen: =P
Me: XP
Jen: if you were just writing stories Webster's Fictionary would be good lol
Me: lol
Jen: if it was about sex Webster's Licktionary
Jen: movies, Webster's Flicktionary XD
Jen: lol
Jen: sorry, bad puns are what I do, I mean, I AM writing at "Blag Hag"
Me: true.
Jen: Webster's Schticktionary
Jen: XD
Jen: that looks awful
Me: If it were porn, Webster's Dicktionary.
Jen: If it was dating advice, Webster's Slicktionary
Jen: If it was racist, Webster's Spictionary
Me: If it were a medical site, Webster's Sicktionary
Jen: If it was stupid, Webster's Thicktionary
Me: If it were a genetics blog, Webster's Cricktionary
Jen: lol
Jen: If it was about practical jokes, Webster's Tricktionary
Me: If it were an entomology website, Webster's Ticktionary.

Yes. That conversation happened. I fear for the future of the world.


Apparently, in order to understand why this is funny, you should know my last name is Webster. Go figure.


  1. Keep up the good work, you two.

  2. The joke was made worse by the realization of your last name.

    Still pretty damn funny.

  3. Note to self: Really need to cut down on the use of "lol" and emoticons in IMs. God, what have I become?

  4. Don't worry, you aren't alone. I think I need to begin a moratorium on net speak in my conversations from now on.
    I've started saying "lol" in real life, too. Embarrassing.

  5. I'm following this blog just for that post. (linked from Blag Hag) :)